Genki na Meneki Project げんきな 免疫 プロジェクト

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Project Overview

コロナの規制緩和も行われた2023年5月8日、キリンホールディングスほか複数の企業や自治体が連携して日本の健康を守る 官民連携「げんきな免疫プロジェクト」がスタート。

またプロジェクトの一環として、免疫対策の正しい知識や健康習慣を身につけられるコンテンツ「全国統一 免疫対策テスト」も制作しました。

On May 8, 2023, when the deregulation of Corona also took place, Kirin Holdings and several other companies and local governments joined forces to launch the "Genkina Immunity Project," a public-private partnership to protect Japan's health.
With the key phrase "Why? Immune Care" and NHK's "Chiko-chan" as hooks, the project website was created to communicate the importance of "Immune Care," a new daily health-protecting habit.

As part of the project, we also created the "Nationwide Unified Immunity Test," a quiz content that helps people acquire correct knowledge of immune measures and healthy habits.
When users answer the quiz, they can view the answers along with explanations and one-point advice provided by supervising experts, and gain an understanding of immune countermeasures and hints for maintaining immune functions in daily life. The advice on the results screen is divided according to each demographic (age, gender, etc.) in order to make it more personalized and make the immune measures more of a habit.



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