Himitsu no AIPRI My Character Room ひみつのアイプリ マイキャラルーム

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As content to further enhance play in the “Himitsu no I-Puri” and “I-Puriverse” amusement games, the company aims to expand the points of contact between the games and users from the game cabinet, so that users can enjoy I-Puri even more.



On the website, which reflects the world view of the game, users will be able to edit the profile of their “My Character” that they have developed in the game, check their play photos, and even interact with other users through play photos.
In addition, a new function, “Web Save Card,” will be introduced to improve user convenience by allowing users to easily save their games on their smartphones.

Project Overview


Continuing from the previous work ""Waccha! Continuing on from ""Primaji"", we created the website ""My Character Room"", which is linked to the new amusement games ""Himitsu no Ippuri"" and ""Ippuriverse"" in the Pretty series.
Users can check and edit the profiles of their ""My Character"" that they have developed in the games, view the results of their game play as image data, and interact with other users through a SNS-like function. In particular, the new ""Web Save Card"" feature, which turns your smartphone into a game membership card, enhances the convenience of game play.
The design of the site expresses the world view of the work and allows users to immerse themselves in the world of the work.
We also built a management screen that allows users who have created an account at the enclosure to check the status of their registration on the MyChara Room site, as well as CMS functions (notification and LP posting functions).



  • 株式会社タカラトミーアーツ
  • T-ARTS Company,Ltd.


  • サービス開発 • 事業支援 • DX ( BUSINESS-DEVELOPMENT )
  • システムコンサルティング • システム開発 ( SYSTEM-CONSULTING )


  • Web site
  • System


APR 2024